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GT-85 Dry Lube
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     Low surface tension - high adhesion, Penetrates and protects PTFE, extreme pressure and anti wear additives translate to reduced wear and friction Won`t attract dust or dirt leaving your chain performing at its best 80 ml

    GT-85 GT-85 Chain & Cable
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       Excellent chain & cable lubricant With PTFE Protective penetrating lubricant Stops oxidation, rust, & salt corrosion on metals surfaces Loosens rusted or corroded nuts & bolts 14 oz Aerosol

      GT-85 Wet Lube
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         Outperformed its competitors in the corrosion tests by allowing no rust to form in extreme condition testing Less solvents means a safer, thicker lubricant that stays in place longer Low surface tension - high adhesion, penetrates & protects 80 ml