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     No-rinse formula safely cleans with a refreshing scent Cellulose/polyester material in non-abrasive, durable, strong and biodegradable Soft-textured, lint-free wipe allows comfortable application  Contains aloe and vitamin E  Body Wipes Jar of 30

    GLOBAL BIKES Chain Wipes
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       Convenient way to clean your chain before a ride Lubricating properties help maintain the life of your chain between tune ups Chain wipe Jar of 30

      GLOBAL BIKES GEAR Cleaning Cord
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         Presaturated flexible polyester cleaning cord Soy based cleaner with anti-corrosive lubricants Easily cleans rear cassette as well as other parts of drive train Cleaning Cord Jar of 15

        GLOBAL BIKES Hand & Tool Wipes
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           Removes grease, tar, ink, paint and other hard to remove soils Dual textured - rough side for hard to remove soils and soft side for hands and skin No harsh solvents means it is virtually VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free Hand and Tool wipe Jar of 72