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FLAT ATTACK Flat Attack Tube
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     Flat Attack Freedom Tubes are pre-injected with Flat Attack All Freedom Tubes come with the Flat Attack 5-year guarantee Supports IBD Not sold in "Big Box" stores 29x1.90-2.125 PV 48mm 0d Threaded Non-Removable

    JOES NO FLATS Self Sealing Tubes
    Price: $17.40
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       High quality innertube prefilled with the world?s leading tire sealant Enviromentally friendly Tube sealant with better sealing Quickly seals punctures in tires and innertubes tread area up to 6 mm  Eco Sealant is latex, ammonium and protein free. The sealant can be found separately or in a tubeless conversion kit.  29x1.90-2.35 PV 32mm 0d Threaded Non-Removable ...

      SLIME Slime Tube
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         Slime tubes come pre-gooped with Slime Tire Sealant which repeatedly seals punctures up to 1/8 of an inch 29x1.85-2.00 PV 32mm 0d Threaded Non-Removable