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SCHWALBE Big Apple RaceGuard
Price: $30.36
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     The parent of balloon style tires offers low rolling resistance and a supple air cushioned ride Raceguard uses a thinner width belt for reduced weights and rolling resistance while also offering improved puncture protection Urban 20x2.15 406 Wire Belted Bk/Blk 530 Yes

    SCHWALBE Big Ben RaceGuard
    Price: $30.36
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       Balloon style cruiser tire with large, smooth profile block tread that extends onto the shoulders and sidewalls Endurance compound and Raceguard puncture protection EBIKE50 - has achieved a passing rating for use with E-Bikes up to 50kph and is ECE-R75 approved BMX 20x2.15 507 Wire Belted 55 67 EBIKE50 Yes

      TIOGA StreetBlock
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         Inspired by the PowerBlock for its prowess on hard surfaces, the StreetBlock tread is fully modified to increase durability and overall usability.  BMX 20x2.15 406 Wire Bk/Blk 65 545