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ARISUN Mount Graham
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     Well spaced, equally tall diamond shaped lugs make this tire roll well without sacrificing traction Good all around XC tire excells for both racers and the weekend warrior Mountain 27.5x2.2 584 Wire Belted Bk/Blk 65 30

    KENDA Honey Badger Sport
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       Widely spaced medium sized triangular knobs offer a low rolling resistance while also providing superior grip on hard pack and loose loamy conditions Kenda`s DTC (Dual Tread Compound) technology allows you to maintain high speeds without sacrificing traction Honey Badger Pro features Kenda`s SCT technology which is compatible with all sealant based conversion kits DTC - Dual Tread Compound is a combination of two different rubber compounds, L3R Pro (center knobs) and...

      KENDA Honey Badger XC Sport
      Price: $35.96
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         The Tri-bite knobs have been resized and moved to maximize efficiency for those who love to climb, descend, and race through tight single track on a variety of terrain. DTC - Dual Tread Compound is a combination of two different rubber compounds, L3R Pro (center knobs) and Stick-E rubber (corner knobs) Mountain 27.5x2.2 584 Wire Bk/Bsk 80 699 60 60a/50a DTC ...

        KENDA Kwick Seven.5
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           Versatile street style tread offers a smooth compliant ride with positive grip characteristics Features K-Shield protection for puncture resistance and a reflective sidewall for better urban visibility REF - Reflective sidewall striping or hotpatch to aid in low light visibility SRC - Standard Rubber Compound, combines the best attributes of low rolling resistance, extreme durability and tread longevity into one universal package that benefits riders of all...

          KENDA Saber Sport
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             Low-profile tread design paired with a grippy compound and exaggerated corner knobs provides blistering speed and positive cornering traction Perfect for dusty hard pack conditions RS3 race compound - light and fast rolling RS3 is Kenda??s fastest rubber compound and used exclusively for high end racing tires - significantly lower rolling resistance and increased wet weather traction XC 27.5x2.2 584 Wire Bk/Bsk 45 645 60 RS3 ...

            MAXXIS Ikon
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               High-volume casing and fast-rolling tread design provide exemplary performance in most riding conditions DC - Dual Compound tread provides a lower rolling resistance center paired with extra grip for the corners SS - SilkShield offers bead to bead puncture protection covering the tread as well as the sidewalls EXO equipped models feature Maxxis` EXO sidewall protection which helps prevent puncture from sidewall abrasions TR - Tubeless Ready - sealant...

              ORIGIN8 Wildfire XC
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                 The Wildfire XC delivers a competition burning performance with tightly grouped rows of small blocks gripping anything it comes in contact with At home in twisty hard pack single track or loose and loamy decents Connecting lug bridges increase rigidity while also aiding in puncture protection  Magnitude I level puncture protection - a high density Nylon layer beneath the tread surface XC 27.5x2.2 584 Fold Nylon Bk/Blk 65 60 ...