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Viva Legato 7 Mixte 53 cm
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    Viva Legato is immodest in its own way but that how we like it sometimes. It appears steadfast and endearing masculine. Its character is seductive thanks to the young, stylish design. Legato is proof that a simple bicycle can be beautiful. Legato knows its roots. It knows where it is going. Its goal is to lead and knows only one way to go: Forward. Simple design, quality materials and good drivability. A generation with its own rules.Lars Andersen, a former cyclist from the Danish national...

    Viva Papa 7 B.52 City Cruiser Bicycle with Rear Light
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      It takes courage to swim against the current. It takes courage to stray off the beaten track. It was over 100 years ago that a classic men's bicycle was created. Papa is designed on the old classic lines. Then it added the hallmark Viva designed parts. Today, the Viva Papa design brings a new dimension of outstanding design and road holding capability to the legacy of its distinguished forbearer. The legend lives on.Lars Andersen, a former cyclist from the Danish national team, began VIVA Bike...