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ACS Paws 4.1 Freewheel
Price: $23.00
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     Cold forged for high-torque strength 30 steps / 12?� engagement Nickel plated sprocket ring, fits 1/8" and 3/32" chains Removable with stand 4-prong tool Single 17T x 3/32" Nickel

    ACS Paws Freewheel HD
    Price: $52.20
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       An upgraded version of the original Crossfire and PAWS freewheel Each pawl interfaces two steps for additional engagement Removal spline pattern allows for added axle clearance and use with standard 4-prong tool 60 steps total for engagement every 6 degrees Nickel-plated sprocket ring CNC wire pawls and steps Sealed bearings Sealed bearings Single 17T x 3/32" Silver ...