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Bombtrack Audax 700C Urban Road Bicycle 60 cm (XL)
Price: $1,799.99
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Item #: NAAUDAXB17 -

    If the idea of chasing Strava KOMs makes your eyes roll, then you are probably the kind of rider who prefers to take in the scenery rather than staring through mirrored lenses at your stem. At the core of the Audax is the full CrMo frame, with double butted tubes, providing a light and strong endurance road machine. The natural dampening characteristics of the steel take out a lot of the road "buzz" letting your arms relax as you eat up the miles. The dropouts and seat stays are ready for a...

    Bombtrack Script 700C Track Bicycle  57 cm (L)
    Retail: $1,299.99
    Price: $1,259.99
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    Item #: NAScript16 -

      The Script has come along way since the original bike in 2012, but the concept for a clean and simple alloy track bike has remained the same. For this reason the tubing is kept simple but effective, thanks to the 7000 series multi-butted aluminum which is light but very strong. Due to larger diameter head and down tubes, the frame is very stiff, ensuring all the power goes to the rear wheel and not lost flexing the frame. The tapered head tube and fork allow for a stiffer front end too, and...

      Bombtrack Hook EXT Gravel Touring Bicycle 60 cm (XL)
      Price: $2,199.99
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      Item #: NAHOOKEXTG17 -

        So what does the EXT stand for? Well, the truth is, we can't even remember anymore, extreme, extended, extraordinary, take your pick. The important thing is what the Hook EXT is. Built on a 27.5" rim and using a wider tire produces a wheel with the same outer diameter as a typical 700x28c. This means it's possible to run bigger knobby mountain bike tires, with all the grip they offer, yet retain the geometry of a CX/gravel bike, something gravel races have long dreamed of. This is made...

        Bombtrack Beyond 29er Touring Expedition Bicycle 21.5 inch/55 cm (XL)
        Price: $1,789.99
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        Item #: NABEYONDG17 -

          The Beyond is THE expedition machine. If it were a car it would be a Land Rover Defender, tough and dependable and willing to go wherever you are. Introduced in 2015, the Beyond has proven itself on countless journeys, not least when our friend Marc Maurer rode 5600 km (almost 3500 miles!) from Istanbul to Tehran. Designed as a dream for the bikepacker, the Beyond features mounting options for front and rear racks as well as up to five bottle cages. All mounted to a Columbus steel frame with...

          Bombtrack Outlaw 27.5 Urban City Bicycle 55 cm (L)
          Price: $1,689.99
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          Item #: NAOUTLAWB17 -

            A creature of the urban jungle, the Outlaw is a new model for 2017. Prowling the streets of downtown, the Outlaw will not conform to normality. The wheels are a smaller 27.5" rim but wrapped up in some wide rubber from WTB giving the bike effectively the same wheel size as a normal 700x28c but with a whole lot more grip and comfort. These tires set off the Outlaw's rugged appearance, and the wider fork and flat bar mean the Outlaw looks like it means business. The raked top tube and short back...

            Bombtrack Hook 1 700C Cyclocross Bicycle 56 cm (XL)
            Price: $1,699.99
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            Item #: NAHOOK1B17 -

              The Hook 1 is the starting point for anyone looking to dabble in some CX racing, gravel rides or generally just looking for a very versatile bike to explore new places. At the heart of the Hook 1 is its CrMo steel frame, a material which is ideally suited to a multi-purpose lifestyle, being strong and durable to take a few knocks, naturally low-resonating for a more comfortable ride; yet stiff where it counts to efficiently get you where you're going quickly. The geometry is designed to be...

              Bombtrack Hook 2 700C Cyclocross Bicycle 56 cm (XL)
              Price: $2,139.99
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              Item #: NAHOOK2BLUE17 -

                The Hook 2 is a CX and gravel bike, designed to keep on going even when the going gets tough. Built on the foundations of the original Hook, which had proven itself to be beyond capable, having tackled the Transalp endurance mountain bike race and coming out totally unfazed. If your sights are set a little lower, you can rest assured the capabilities are there, and in the meantime enjoy the ride. Carrying the famous white Dove, the Columbus tubing is recognized around the world for its...

                Bombtrack Arise 700C Cyclocross Bicycle  54 cm (M)
                Retail: $999.99
                Price: $969.99
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                Item #: NAAriseB16 -

                  The Arise is a genuine ?Swiss Army Knife' built with versatility in mind from the ground up. Keep it single speed or convert it with a full group-set like the Rad Pack did on their gravel Tour d'Iceland. Now in its third generation the Arise has been revised to further enhance that versatility. The updated geometry gives a better range of sizes, with top tube lengths getting a little shorter for a more comfortable reach. Thanks to a sliding dropout the chain stay lengths can be varied for...

                  Bombtrack Beyond Plus 27.5 Fat Touring Expedition Bicycle 19.5 inch/50 cm (XL)
                  Price: $1,809.99
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                  Item #: NABEYONDPLUSG17 -

                    If your adventure is going to be taking you well off the beaten track, into places untouched by civilization, then the Beyond Plus is the bike to make that journey possible. Built on the 27.5" wheel platform, the Beyond Plus has oversized 2.8" tires that offer an incredible amount of grip and a cushion-like dampening to soak up all the lumps and bumps. Proven by our friend Clem Shovel on her Tuscany Trail unsupported adventure race, with a 15th place finish from over 500 starters. The Beyond...

                    Bombtrack Arise 700C Cyclocross Bicycle  58 cm (L)
                    Price: $989.99
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                    Item #: NAARISEB17 -

                      From the moment that Bombtrack first unveiled the Arise, they were overwhelmed by the response it got. The original concept for the bike was to be a simple, low-maintenance single-speed bike that could be used for commuting through the week, and then taken on small adventures on the weekends. As they started to get more and more questions about how to convert or adapt the bike, they saw it through a whole new light. The Arise is like a blank canvas, bare, functional and practical in its...

                      Bombtrack Hook 1 700C Cyclocross Bicycle  54 cm (M)
                      Retail: $1,899.99
                      Price: $1,839.99
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                      Item #: NAHook116 -

                        At the core of the Hook 1 is the high quality Japanese Sanko crmo tubing built into the proven geometry of the original Hook frame. The front triangle is heat-treated which allows the tube walls to be thinner. The result is reduced weight but without compromising strength. The characteristic solid and stable feel of the frame comes from the geometry and larger diameter tubes that connect to the rear wheel through the BB30 hub shell. These larger diameter tubes are inherently stiffer and create...

                        Bombtrack J14Arise Geared 700C Urban City Bicycle 58 cm (L)
                        Price: $1,129.99
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                        Item #: NAARISEGEAREDB17 -

                          Thanks to the wonders of social media, Bombtrack loves the ability to see how our Arise bikes get transformed by their owners to fir their daily needs, from commuting, doing a school run, or even as a weekend CX toy. After Bombtrack recognized the trend for conversion into a "daily driver" for commuting and general running around, they thought "Why not take out some of the hard work?" Their answer was the Arise Geared. Built around the proven workhorse 4130 CrMo frame, and kitted out with a...

                          Bombtrack Needle 700C Track Bicycle  53 cm (M)
                          Retail: $1,379.99
                          Price: $1,339.99
                          Availability: Out of Stock
                          Item #: NANeedle16 -

                            From the moment the Needle was launched it caught the eye of track and criterium riders due to its steel, rather than alloy frame. The Reynolds 725 tube-set is double butted and heat-treated for a higher strength to weight ratio. This strength produces a very stiff frame, and thanks to the inherent dampening properties of steel, also very comfortable. This dampening characteristic means the frame is very compliant and stable through corners, and on rougher surfaces, which ultimately makes for...