•  Parts # NABY2002-1-JV
  •  Model : ByK E-450 Blue 20 inch Kids Bicycle
  •  Supplier Part # BY2002-1-JV
  • Retail: $289.99
    Price: $229.99
    You Save: $60.00 (20.7%)

      With the ergonomic design, the bikes fit the rider better in all the right places for all the right reasons. Never before have children had a better chance to learn to ride and love to ride. More information at www.bykbikes.comThe ByK (pronounced 'bi-kay') Bike was born from one father's desire to build a bike that was made specifically for children. One that was suitable for a child's growing body and differing proportions to that of an adult. Ergonomics, power and weight, efficiency, ease of balance, control and safety are at unprecedented levels.With weight savings and efficiency levels never seen before on a child's bike, the E-450 design was given a 10 out of 10 by Bicycling Australia Magazine. The ergonomic design ensures a great fit and superb handling, our custom sized and shaped V-Bars are made for kids, taking in consideration shoulder width, riding position, safety and comfort. Just 19.8 lbs. and for children ages 5-8 and between 43 and 52 inches tall. ABILITY LEVEL: Able to ride, developing major skills.

    •  Frame/Fork: Lightweight Alloy frame with a low gravity concept design
    •  Wheels/Tires: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels with radial front spokes and low profile, low resistant tires with tough tubes
    •  Drivetrain: 3 piece alloy crank, single speed, chainguard and KMC chain
    •  Brakes/Cockpit: Alloy brake levers with short reach, rear coaster brake and alloy v-brake with comfort mini saddle and custom with alloy V-bars
    •  Extras: Stem pad, bell, quick release seat post and kickstand
    •  20 inch X 10 inch
    •  Blue