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     Features a sleek lightweight body while producing a bright 80 lumens Built in USB can be plugged directly into your desktop or USB wall plug - no need for a cord Hook and loop mounting make putting it on and taking it off a breeze Black 2 Front Silicone Strap USB

    CATEYE HL-EL051RC Volt 100XC
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       Extremely lightweight and dependable 100 lumen commuter light Matchstick style USB rechargeable Li-ion battery charges in just 1.5 hours and puts out 1 hour of lighting on high mode Mode memory function and low battery indicator Easy to mount and remove Black 2 Front Silicone Strap USB 100

      CATEYE HL-EL060RC Volt 200XC
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         A solid option for riders looking for the perfect combination of lumen output, weight, and price USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery provides 20 hours of flashing light, 10 hours of low light, or 1 full hour of high power lighting Easy to attach and remove silicone bar mount Mode memory and low battery indicator 200 lumen output Black 3 Front Silicone Strap USB 200 ...

        CATEYE HL-EL070RC Volt 400XC
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           Compact, sleek, and reliable headlight boasting 400 lumens of output The Volt400XC provides 4 lighting modes that range from 400 to 100 lumens to ensure you have the right illumination option to get you home safely Double-click changes light to high-mode from current pattern Easy to install and remove silicone strap mount Low battery indicator and mode memory Black 4 Front Silicone Strap USB 400 ...

          CATEYE HL-EL080RC Volt 500XC
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             500 lumens make the Volt500 perfect for the rider seeking a dependable and bright bar-mounted light that doesn`t break the bank Double-click changes light to high-mode from current pattern 4 modes to choose from including 2 constant, and 2 flashing settings Easy to attach and remove silicone strap mount Mode memory and low battery indicator USB rechargeable Black 4 Front Silicone Strap USB 500 ...

            CATEYE HL-EL1000RC Volt1200
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               Dual LED design provides a blinding 1200 lumens FlexTight bracket makes installation and removal quick and easy 5 modes - 3 constant, 2 flashing USB rechargeable Low battery indicator Mode memory Black 5 Front FlexTight?�� USB 1200

              CATEYE HL-EL1010RC Volt1600
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                 Road, Gravel, Trail... the Volt1600 handles them all by pumping out a blinding 1600 lumens 5 modes and a powerful wide angle beam 2 to 100 hour runtime depending on mode setting Low battery indicator and mode memory USB rechargeable Black 5 Front FlexTight?�� USB 1600

                CATEYE HL-EL150RC Volt100
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                   100 lumen output USB rechargeable High, low, and flashing modes Easy to remove bracket Low battery indicator Mode memory returns to last used setting after turning off Average run time 2 - 60 hours Average run time 2 - 60 hours Black 3 Front FlexTight?�� USB

                  CATEYE HL-EL461RC Volt400
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                     Features a high-intensity white LED and a USB-rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery Double clicking the power button instantly switches to highest output mode Easy to attach and remove rubber bar mount Low battery indcator and mode memory function 4 modes (2 Steady and 2 Flashing) Helmet mount included Black 4 Front FlexTight?�� + Helmet USB

                    CATEYE HL-EL471RC Volt800
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                       A sleek streamlined design offering a blazing 800 lumens 5 modes (3 steady and 2 flashing) USB rechargeable Li-ion battery with run times up to 80 hours Mode memory and low battery indicator function Black 5 Front FlexTight?�� USB 800

                      CATEYE HL-EL6000RC Volt6000
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                         Compact design turns night into day by boasting an insane 6000 lumen output 6 modes featuring up to 12 hours of runtime or one hour in the dynamic 6000 lumen mode Carbon fiber body and aluminum fins keep the light running cool Wireless remote switch for ease of use Helmet mount and extention cable included Mode memory and low battery indicator 5 hour recharge time 5 hour recharge time Black/Red 6 Front Handlebar/Helmet USB 6...

                        CATEYE SL-LD140RC-F Loop 2 RC Front
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                           Sleek, compact design provides dynamic visibility on urban commutes Convenient side button and easy installation strap were designed for busy lifestyles and fit all 22-32mm diameter bars Run times of 4 hours on constant and 15 hours on flash means you won`t get caught in the dark USB rechargeable Black 2 Front Silicone Strap USB 50