•  Parts # NABOB-S
  •  Model : e-Mazing Innovations b.o.b. Electric Bicycle
  •  Supplier Part # BOB-S
  • Retail: $1,199.00
    Price: $939.99
    You Save: $259.01 (21.6%)

      eMazing Innovations has quickly become a leader in electric bicycle technology. Our flagship product is the b.o.b. (Battery Operated Bicycle).For almost 20 years the Cycle Force Group has been bringing an eclectic group of brands, covering all price points and styles to the world. Whether it is representing some of Europe's best brands, partnerships with some of the worlds best known consumer brands, or producing our own bicycles, the Cycle Force Group has a bike for everyone.Get where you need to be fast, fresh, Invigorating, efficient, and in an "eco -friendly" manner with b.o.b (Battery Operated Bicycle). An electric bicycle offers you a lot more then freedom of movement. Get to school, work, the office, or anywhere feeling fresh and exhilarated. Electric folding bikes are especially convenient in cities and suburbs,college dorms and campuses, carry on mass transit ~ transports, just to name a few. They also provide all of the advantages of portability with an excellent way to commute. Turn off the battery and you can ride this unique bicycle for the fun and sport of it.

    •  Easy instant pull-up folding design
    •  Super light weight 35 lbs with battery
    •  Max speed 20 mph / 32kmh
    •  Range per charge: 20 miles
    •  Max load - 220lbs / 120 kg
    •  12 inch X NA
    •  Silver/Black