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HUTCHINSON Equinox 2 Reinforced
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     The center compound has a harder durometer to resist wear and roll efficiently. The side or cornering compound has a softer durometer to grip better and hang on in the corners. Road 700x25 622 Fold Belted Bk/Bsk 120 240 66

    HUTCHINSON Fusion 5 All Season
    Price: $50.99
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       Grooved tread design for optimum water evacuation and grip Advanced compound offers efficiency and grip in all weather  Larger grain size for superb grip and puncture resistance All season compound offers greater density and a long wearing life span Supple 127tpi casing Kevlar belted Road 700x25 622 Fold Belted Bk/Bsk 127 ...

      HUTCHINSON Intensive 2 Hardskin Reinforced
      Price: $50.99
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         Dual compound file style tread that offers grip when cornering and efficiency when riding on top of the tire Hardskin reinforcement protects the sidewalls against cuts and abrasions Polyamide anti-puncture casing reinforcement makes it highly resistant to punctures Road 700x25 622 Fold Bk/Bsk 120 220 66

        HUTCHINSON Nitro 2
        Price: $16.99
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           The Nitro 2 is an all-weather recreational clincher utility tire. It performs equally well on wet or dry pavement. Road 700x25 622 Wire Bk/Bsk 100 300 33

          HUTCHINSON Speed-N-Stop
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             Dual compound tire for fixed-gear urban use in any weather conditions Red compound wear indicator Specific high durometer tread to improve wear and rolling resistance Softer durometer cornering compound  Skinwall casing for compliant and predictable ride Quality Made in France  Road 700x25 622 Fold Bk/Blk 390 66