•  Parts # NA75126
  •  Model : Kawasaki K26G Hardtail Mountain Bike, 26 inch wheels, 18 inch frame, Women's Bike, White/Pink
  •  Supplier Part # 75126
  • Retail: $209.99
    Price: $179.95
    You Save: $30.04 (14.3%)

      Kawasaki is known for its Ninja motorcycles and KX dirt bikes; now you can add bicycles to the list. We've taken their off-road expertise and adapted it to the bicycle market. From the mountain to the park, this line is sure to "Let the Good Times Roll".For almost 20 years, the Cycle Force Group has been bringing an eclectic group of brands, covering all price points and styles, to the world. Whether it is representing some of Europe's best brands, partnering with some of the worlds best-known consumer brands, or producing our own bicycles, the Cycle Force Group has a bike for everyone.The Kawasaki K26G hardtail bike is quick, smooth, and a joy to ride. It has a durable steel frame and sturdy front fork to allow this sweet bike to race over pavement and rough trails. Plus, the easy-pedaling 18-speed drivetrain makes climbing a breeze.

    •  Frame/Fork: Durable steel MTB frame
    •  Wheels/Tires: 26" tires with alloy rims
    •  Drivetrain: 18 speed drivetrain, Shimano Rear Derailleur
    •  Brakes/Cockpit: Linear brakes, quick release seatpost
    •  Extras:
    •  26 inch X 18 inch
    •  White