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KENDA Kaliente Pro
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     Race tire with special tread compoundfor low rolling resistance. R2C - Kenda`s road-specific dual compound blends traction and speed IC - Iron Cloak, Kenda`s best puncture resistant material, a blend of Aramid fibers, is laid up on the tire casing from bead to bead L3R - L3R Pro is Kenda??s most versatile compound, benefits are a light-weight, fast rolling compound and increased tread life. Road 650Cx23  571 Fold Bk/Bsk 125 172 120&nb...

    KENDA Koncept
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       Excellent all purpose road tire as well as sports tire. Giving you great acceleration and cornering characteristics Wheelchair 650Cx23  571 Wire Gy/Bsk 110 270

      KENDA Kriterium Enduro Sport
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         Race and training tire with grooved side tread for traction Dual layer puncture protection offers superior durability HRC - Hard Rubber Compound, designed as a complement to endurance training tires, it is a quick rolling, long wearing compound that still provides a comfortable ride feel ICAP - A layer of material that runs from bead to bead under the tread to prevent flats, less expensive than Iron Cloak E2 - Featuring the Iron Cloak bead to bead protection and...