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LEZYNE Digital Shock Drive
Price: $79.99
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     Incredibly compact and lightweight aluminum construction with a cleverly integrated hose that threads into the handle when not in use Ultra low-profile digital gauge that�s built into the pump�s aluminum body Provides up to 350 psi (24 bar) and features a zero-loss chuck design Digital 350psi Alloy Black/Gold

    LEZYNE Shock Digital Drive
    Price: $124.99
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       CNC machined Aluminum and steel dual duty shock and floor pump Nylon braided hose and varnished wood handle Alloy ABS threaded shock chuck Digital pressure gauge High pressure only Max. pressure 300psi Schrader and Presta valve compatible Digital 300psi Alloy Silver

      LEZYNE Shock Drive
      Price: $54.99
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         Features a full CNC-machined aluminum main construction for maximum quality and durability The diaphragm gauge offers excellent accuracy and is encased in a tough composite matrix that also improves grip Unique zero-loss chuck design releases the valve pin, which seals the shock, before the pump threads off Ergonomic handle and 400psi max  Analog SV 400psi Black/Gold