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ROCKYMOUNTS MonoRail Single Add On
Price: $199.95
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     Single bike add on for use with the 2` Monorail rack Not intended for use with 1-1/4` model Reduces weight limit to 40lbs per bike (120lbs total) 1 Bike Add on Black 40lbs

    Price: $249.95
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       Single bike add on for SplitRail 2` model - up to two may be used for a maximum of 4 bikes Fits bikes with 20-29` wheels and new `Plus` size tires - 48` max wheelbase 4` of side-to-side tray adjustment for simple and easy loading and unloading of bicycles Lightweight chromoly and aluminum construction Fits 2` receiver model of SplitRail only Lifetime warranty **limits the Splitrail and add on weight limits per tray to 40lbs each, 160lbs total** 2 Bike...