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GREEN GURU Clincher Mini Frame Bag
Price: $25.00
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     Modular hook and loop design allow multiple placement options Plenty of room to hold a wallet, keys, snacks,tools or other small items Made from upcycled nylon - colors will vary Velcro Straps 50.6 c.i. Assorted

    GREEN GURU Must-Stash Top Tube Bag
    Price: $25.00
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    Item #: 910054 -

       Constructed from upcycled banners and inner tubes Easy access flap  Converts to hip pack or clutch purse Mounts to bike with straps on top tube and head tube Velcro Straps 6.5x3.5x2" 45.5 c.i. Varied

      GREEN GURU Top Tube Protector w/ Stash pocket
      Price: $20.00
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      Item #: 911526 -

         Old School top tube protector with a built in stash pocket for money and valuables Foam interior to protect your bicycle and you Adjustable to fit most bicycles top tubes Made from upcycled fabrics - colors will vary Zippered stash pocket Velcro Closure 2x2x16" 15 c.i. Assorted

        GREEN GURU Upshift Frame Bag
        Price: $40.00
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        Item #: 911524 -

           Large trekking style frame bag keeps all your personal belongings within arms reach Intended for road/urban frames with a straight top tube Handmade from upcycled fabrics - color will vary Velcro Straps 488 c.i. Assorted