•  Parts # NAST1610-1-MI
  •  Model : STRiDA 5.0 Silver Folding Bicycle
  •  Supplier Part # ST1610-1-MI
  • Retail: $749.99
    Price: $699.99
    You Save: $50.00 (6.7%)

      The STRiDA 5.0 and SX Series are our middle range and feature either 16 or 18 inch wheels.With a truly unique triangular frame design, 3 tubes instead of traditional construction or a bike frame, it can be opened & folded in a few seconds without any tools, the greaseless drive belt replaced the oily chain. Simple and Clean! That is the STRiDA advantage.User friendly, Easily wheeled while it's folded. You can PUSH it! Opens and folds in less than 10 seconds withoutt any tool. Clean, grease free (belt drive). No oily chain or gears. Your trousers stay pristine. Real cool appearance. The only folding bike in the industry that doesn't make you look like a "granola type."

    •  Frame/Fork: 7000 series aluminum frame and fork
    •  Wheels/Tires: 16 inch aluminum wheels and reflective Kenda tires
    •  Drivetrain: STRiDA special belt drive for 50,000 mile use and single speed transmission
    •  Brakes/Cockpit: Disc Brakes and aluminum parts
    •  Extras: Kickstand, Rear carrier rack, weight limit of 220 lbs, height range of 4'9"-6'4", and folds to a mere 45 x 20 x 9 inches and fenders
    •  16 inch X NA inch
    •  Silver