•  Parts # NAST1816-1-MI
  •  Model : STRiDA C1 Black Carbon Folding Bicycle
  •  Supplier Part # ST1816-1-MI
  • Retail: $3,499.99
    Price: $3,299.99
    You Save: $200.00 (5.7%)

      The STRiDA C1 is their first carbon fiber offering. It puts all the great features of STRiDA folding bikes into a lightweight package.With a truly unique triangular frame design, 3 tubes instead of traditional construction or a bike frame, it can be opened & folded in a few seconds without any tools, the greaseless drive belt replaced the oily chain. Simple and Clean! That is the STRiDA advantage.STRiDA is proud to present their first carbon fiber bicycle! The geometry and craftsmanship that STRiDA is famous for now comes in a lightweight package. With a weight of only 18 pounds, you will feel like you're floating on air as you navigate the city. And it will be easier than ever to move around when folded. The handlebars have been improved with a new design to increase usability and safety, and the seat has a unique damper to help absorb bumps. It also features the disc brakes which are a STRiDA staple, and the clean belt drive means no greasy chain or gears to worry about. The carbon fiber construction continues all the way down the aerodynamic wheels. All in all, the STRiDA C1 is a fantastic addition to an already outstanding product lineup!

    •  Frame/Fork: 3K High-rigidity Full Carbon frame and fork
    •  Wheels/Tires: 18 inch carbon wheels and Schwalbe Kojak smooth tread tires
    •  Drivetrain: STRiDA special belt drive for 50,000 mile use and single speed transmission
    •  Brakes/Cockpit: Disc Brakes and aluminum parts, carbon handlebar, carbon rail saddle featuring a unique shock-absorbing damper and quick-removable pedals
    •  Extras: Weight limit of 220 lbs, height range of 4'9"-6'4", and folds to a mere 46.5 x 15 x 20 inches and bike weight of 18.5 lbs.
    •  18 inch X NA inch
    •  Black