The S30 is more like a machine found in a spinning class at a gym rather than at home. 12 different workouts are available over a wide range of user-selected resistance. The easy-to-read display will inform the user of elapsed time, distance covered, RPM, current speed, or calories burned. The saddle is comfortable, height-adjustable, and can be moved forward or backward according to the user's needs.

Price: $379.99


  • Tunturi's Cardio Fit line is a series of economical machines that features simple controls for the casual or beginning user.
  • This model is more like the one found in a gym studio spinning class rather than a traditional home exercise bike
  • Choose from adjustable resistance and 12 workout programs to customize your workout
  • Seat position is adjustable through a wide range (vertical and horizontal) and features a comfortable saddle
  • LCD display between handlebars will display current speed, time elapsed, distanced traveled, RPM, or calories burned
  • The user is able to measure their heart rate through built-in contact pads
  • Tunturi is a true fitness pioneer and has been selling its fitness equipment worldwide since 1969, and today, our collections are available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Through the years, Tunturi has become the brand for fitness fans and connoisseurs, and our theme ?It?s Easy To Feel Good? says it all. Tunturi is for people who want to work seriously at improving their fitness, health and wellbeing through easy to use, safe and sensible training, always based around permanent motivation and fun.
  • Black
  • 39 x 20 x 32 in