Ever had a flat tire or a sore rear-end after a ride?

Then you know how important accessories are.

Once you've found the perfect bike, there's just one more thing to do. Make sure you have the 10 essential accessories for every bike ride. They're all designed to help you get the most out of cycling, while keeping you comfortable and safe.

1) Helmet

Protect your most valuable asset while cycling-your head

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2) Cycling Shorts Clothing

Biking's more fun when your body stays dry and comfortable (padding in the right places helps too).

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3) Hydration

Water bottle and cage to replenish the liquids your body needs during any length of ride.

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4) Flat Pack

Take one on every ride: it's got all you need to replace a tube or fix a flat (and that's way better than walking home).

LIZARD SKINS La Sal 2.0 Gloves

5) Gloves

Studies estimate that nearly half (40%) of all cyclists suffer from numbness and/or weakness problems in there hands. Of these, three out of four problems are caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve. Gloves have specific padding where you need it to eliminate these systems for complete riding comfort.

TOPEAK Mini Dual w/Gauge

6) Pump

The right air pressure makes for a more efficient ride, and decreases the possibility of flats.

ROCK N ROLL Gold Chain Lube

7) Lube

Protect your chain and drive train from water and dirt.

8) Lock

If you love your bike, so will someone else. Do everything you can to protect it.

9) Light

An easy way to stay safe is to see and be seen. For night rides, check out our headlights and rear flashers.

10) Multitool

Having the right bike tool along for the the ride can make all the difference.