Our Body Scanning system was developed in Germany and is the most

accurate measuring system available on the market today. Our fitters

are certified in a number of different fitting techniques including Body

Scanning, Fit Kit, and F.I.S.T. Click here for some other measurement and adjustments we performer.

Enter Measurements

Enter measurements collected from the

body scanning laser module, such as functional height, shoulder height

and width, fist height, pelvic bone height and weigh.

Input Client Data

Enter general client data such as name, address, e-mail, etc.

Select A Bicycle Category

Hybrid 700cc, Cross, Road Race, Triathlon, MTB recreational, MTB DH/Free Ride, Cruiser, or Comfort.

Choose a Seat Position

Choose among Comfort, Moderate, or Sport!

Input Preferences

Input bike usage type, age class, miles/month, frame type & material, gear, suspension, brake, accessories, etc.

Output - Adjustment Recommendations

The software makes optimal adjustment recommendations based on all the data collected in previous steps.