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Mantis Taureno Tandem Bicycle
Retail: $399.99
Price: $349.95
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Mantis Item #: NAMA2612-1-MT -

    The Mantis Brand of bikes offers a better alternative to the bikes sold at the mass market stores. Aluminum rims, sturdier frames and better graphics. This bikes ride and feel like bikes twice the price.For almost 20 years the Cycle Force Group has been bringing an eclectic group of brands, covering all price points and styles to the world. Whether it is representing some of Europe's best brands, partnerships with some of the worlds best known consumer brands, or producing our own bicycles,...

    Pfautec | Jumbo 20/26 Internal Shimano 7 Speed Cargo Tricycle
    Price: $2,249.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Pfautec Item #: NAPF170100005 -

      Cargo bikes are the SUVs of the bike world. From UPS, to disaster relief to hometown retail delivery, cargo bikes can transport goods where cars can't go or breeze by traffic in a bike lane. Cargo bikes are a smart investment because they’re economically and environmentally more efficient than other vehicles. You get the health benefits of riding, and you’ll always have a great parking spot all while smiling at people who are stuck in traffic.