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     Maxima Assembly lube is a specialty, film forming lubricant designed to protect moving components and wear surfaces during assembly and initial break-in Offers excellent rust and corrosion protection during long service periods and storage Fully formulated with high levels of anti-wear & extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry to reduce friction 2X Zinc activates at both high and low operating temps providing unsurpassed protection 4 oz Squeeze...

    MAXIMA RACING OIL Bike Chain Pro Dry Formula
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       Chain Pro Dry is an ultra-clean formula bike chain lube designed for use in dry conditions Surface active chemistry promotes smooth shifting under load, quiets chain noise and significantly improves life of driveline Fast penetration and setup promotes a clean, trouble-free operating environment in dry, dusty conditions Waterproof and ideal for everyday use 4 oz Squeeze Bottle

      MAXIMA RACING OIL Bike Chain Wax Parafilm Wax Formula
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         Chain wax is a parafilm bike chain lube that goes on wet penetrating rollers and side plates, then sets up to a soft, pliable wax Special low melt point wax replenishes drive train by drip-feeding clean lube from the inside layers outward, significantly reducing abrasive wear and eliminating corrosion Smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation in all conditions Waterproof, long lasting protection for all levels of cyclists 4 oz Squeeze Bottle ...

        MAXIMA RACING OIL Bike Syn Chain Guard Wet Formula
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           Synthetic Chain Guard is an exclusive 100% synthetic bike chain lube Special surface active formula reduces rolling resistance of drivetrain and improves shifting performance Deep chain penetration ensures quiet operation, protects drivetrain under load and extends chain life by shielding it from the elements - dirt, grime and water Waterproof and ideal for use on both short and long rides 4 oz Squeeze Bottle