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ORIGIN8 Slipstream
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     Continuous, smooth center section and textured shoulders translate to an easy and quiet ride The Slipstream`s Silica training compound provides low rolling resistance and superb grip in all conditions Magnitude II level puncture protection - a 40x40 TPI Nylon layer beneath the tread surface Standard 700x25 622 Fold Nylon 40 Bk/Blk 110 303 60 No ...

    ORIGIN8 Squall
    Price: $18.95
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       Smooth, fast rolling center with terraced shoulders for additional bite when cornering Dual compound road formula offers low rolling resistance while maintaining durabililty and grip characteristics Magnitude I level puncture protection - a high density Nylon layer beneath the tread surface Standard 700x25 622 Wire Nylon Bk/Blk 110 325 60 No ...

      ORIGIN8 Whirlwind
      Price: $46.95
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         Smooth tread, Silica compound, racing tire formulated to help you take that podium High performance Silica compound greatly reduces rolling resistance while improving grip Minimalistic shoulder siping provides extra grip while leaning into turns Magnitude IV level puncture protection - a tightly woven, lightweight Kevlar layer beneath the tread surface Standard 700x25 622 Fold Kevlar Bk/Blk 110 234 120 No ...