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PARK TOOL CG-2.3 Chain Gang Kit
Price: $34.95
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     Works with all multi-speed derailleur bikes as well as some 3 speed and coaster brake bikes Includes: CM-5.2 Chain Scrubber GSC-1 GearClean Brush 8 oz. bottle of CB-2 Citrus ChainBrite Chain Cleaner Blue CG-2.3

    PARK TOOL CM-25 Brush Kit
    Price: $21.60
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       Includes two rotating brushes, two sponges and two wicking pads already installed in a composite cartridge, ready to snap into the CM-25 Professional Chain Scrubber CM-25 RBS-25

      PARK TOOL CM-25 Professional Chain Scrubber
      Price: $91.95
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         A daily use, shop version of the world famous CM-5.2 Chain Scrubber Proven chain scrubbing technology leaves chains sparkling clean Durable A380 aluminum die cast case and removable handle Dual sided sponges and wicking pads to help reduce drips Rotating brushes clean on all four sides of every link Brush and sponge cartridge quickly and easily clicks in and out Locking cover with stainless steel hinge pins Choose drip or immersion fluid application...

        PARK TOOL CM-5 Brush Kit
        Price: $12.00
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           Replacement brush kit for CM-5 series chain cleaner

          PARK TOOL CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Cleaner
          Price: $25.95
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             Magnet at bottom of solvent reservoir draws metallic particles scrubbed from chain Durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the cyclone Works with all multi-speed bikes and most single speed models Holds 2 fluid oz of solvent Stronger locking clips and more ergonomical handle than previous models