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     CBD Shot from the Pickle Juice Company - Not designed to treat cramps Each 2.5oz shot contains 50mg of pure CBD isolate  100% natural - No artificial ingredients Pleasant Lavender Spearmint flavor THC, caffeine and sugar free CBD is used to treat pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, support heart health and more CBD Box of 24 Lavender Spearmint 2.5 oz

    PICKLE JUICE COMPANY Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots
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       Contains increased amounts of sodium, potassium, and vitamins for nearly instant cramp relief Contains up to 15 times the electrolytes as popular sports drinks No artificial flavors Box of 12 Anti-Cramping Box of 12 Dill 2.5 oz

      PICKLE JUICE COMPANY Pickle Juice Sport
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         Designed to fight cramps and dehydration Contains up to 10 times the electrolytes as popular sports drinks 100 percent natural No artificial colors or flavors Box of 12 Anti-Cramping Box of 12 Dill 8 oz